Course offerings 2022-2023

fall 2023

Writing Theory and Practice Johnson WRIT 501 W 3:30-5:20pm
Apprentice Teaching Schultz FR 500 TBD
Heritage Language Teaching Marqués-Pascual SPAN 299 W 3-5:50pm
Sociocultural Linguistics Bucholtz/Hou LING 248 W 9-11:50am
Writing in Linguistics Bucholtz LING 592 F 9-11:50am
Analysis of Conversational Interaction Whitehead SOC 236 W 2-4:50pm

winter 2023

Language Socialization and Education Kyratzis EDU 202B T 4-6:50pm  
Research Methodology and Statistics in Linguistics Gries LING 201 M 9-11:50am  
Analysis of Conversational interaction Whitehead SOC 236 TR 11-12:15, W 2-4:20pm  
Theory and Practice in Second Language Literacy Instruction Kyratzis ED 210D M 4-6:50pm  
Language, Gender, and Sexuality Zimman LING 233 W 11-1:50pm
Foundations of Sociocultural Learning Theory Duran ED 210E T 1-3:50pm

spring 2023

Bilingual Language Development Kyratzis ED 202A T 4-6:50pm
Discourse Transcription DuBois LING 212 MW 12:30-1:45pm  
Fundations of Sociocultural Linguistics Zimman LING 232 TR 12:30-1:45pm