Affiliated Faculty

  • Writing Program

Public policy and writing/English Language Arts instruction; writing program administration; writing/language pedagogy; composition pedagogies; qualitative research methodologies; literacy in historical and sociocultural contexts; histories of literacy; communication/composition theory.

  • Education

Teaching of writing; writing in the disciplines; rhetoric of science and technology; history of literacy; genre theory; activity theory; distance learning.

  • Linguistics

Sociocultural linguistics; language and youth; language, gender, and sexuality; African American English; Chicano and Mexican Spanish; language and scientific practice.

  • Religious Studies

Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language, Middle Eastern Music.

Profile picture of Ines Casillas
  • Latin American & Iberian Studies
  • Chicana/o Studies

Spanish-language Media, Radio and Sound Practices, Language Politics, Migration and Masculinity, Latino/a popular culture. Latino Popular Culture.

  • East Asian Languages and Cultural Studies

Chinese language

  • Education

Sociology of Education; sociolinguistics and literacy; gender socialization; Language Interaction and Social Organization.

  • Linguistics

Intercultural communication; ethnography and communication; theories of cultural adjustment; social semiotic processes of identification; language ideologies and linguistic landscapes; language and globalization

  • Education

Culture, learning, and social interaction; writing and literacy; teacher learning in networks and communities; qualitative research methods and interaction analysis.

  • Education

Learning and instruction; assessment; construction of culture through interaction; and bilingualism; cognitive science, language interaction and social organization (LISO).

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  • Spanish and Portuguese

Translation, Interpreting, and Cognition; Written Translation; Oral Interpreting; Bilingualism; Heritage Languages and Languages of Limited Diffusion; Second Language Acquisition; Study Abroad 

  • Communication

Language and communication between various social categories; crime, law enforcement, and communication; ethnic identity, bilingualism, and intercultural communication; intergenerational communication across cultures.

  • Linguistics

Phonology, phonology, Balto-Finnic linguistics, American Indian linguistics.

  • Linguistics
  • EMS Program

Second language acquisition, L2 writing, and L2 academic oral skills for  prospective TAs

  • Linguistics

Quantitative corpus linguistics, statistical/computational linguistics, cognitive linguistics, first and second language acquisition.

  • Psychology

Comprehension, reasoning, spatial cognition, individual differences.

Jin Sook Lee
  • Education

Second language acquisition with a focus on ESL learners, foreign language education, bilingualism, heritage language maintenance, and interlanguage pragmatics.

  • Psychology

Human learning, problem-solving, educational psychology, human-computer interaction, multimedia learning, mathematical and scientific reasoning.

  • Germanic & Slavic Studies

Slavic linguistics, syntax, discourse, language pedagogy.

  • Black Studies

Religion, moral development, multicultural education, educational television and children's literature.

Viola Miglio
  • Spanish & Portuguese

Phonology of Spanish and Romance languages, theoretical phonology, Optimality Theory, phonetics, language change.

  • Linguistics

Morphology, language change, discourse and grammar, language universals, American Indian linguistics, Austronesian linguistics.

  • French and Italian

Coordinator Italian Language Program

Evelyn Reder
  • Germanic & Slavic Studies

Language teaching methodology; instructional improvement; curriculum development.

Jean Schultz
  • French & Italian
  • Director of French Language Program

Foreign language acquisition; cognitive aspects of foreign language learning; transition from language to literature study; foreign language writing.

  • East Asian Languages & Cultural Studies

Japanese language

  • Writing Program

Multimedia Communication; Writing in New Media; Writing for the Social Sciences

  • Department of French and Italian



Hsiao-jung Yu
  • East Asian Languages & Cultural Studies

Historical Chinese linguistics (grammar and lexicon), applied linguistics (language teaching theory and methodology, context and culture in language learning, and the use of computers in teaching foreign languages.